The Great Gatsby

For all its visual flamboyance, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation is far too reverential to its source material, writes ALEX KEMP.

The Woman in Black

ROSIE ROBSON is horrified, and not just by seeing Daniel Radcliffe neither magical nor nude.

The Canterbury Tales

On blind date Tuesday, JAMES STANIFORTH finds his evening with Chaucer sexy and funny, but not deep.


JAMIE MATHIESON observes drinking, chundering and intellectualism. A standard day in Cambridge.


JAMIE MATHIESON challenges his readers to fisticuffs and asserts an uncomfortable truth: Shakespeare isn’t cool.

Top 5: Stage to Screen

Why do great plays so often flounder on film? What makes Amadeus better than Mamma Mia? Enter JAMIE MATHIESON.

Cruel and Tender

The ADC lateshow leaves KIERAN CORCORAN with a less than tragic sense of disappointment as the cruelty and tenderness treads the fine line between subtle and dull.