A girl was sexually assaulted in Headington Hill Park

A man grabbed her by her leggings

A 31-year-old man will appear in Oxford Magistrates’ Court today after assaulting a girl in Headington Hill Park on Wednesday.

It happened to the 21-year-old girl as she was walking up Headington Hill between 5 and 6am, close to Clive Booth and Cheney student halls.

She was grabbed from behind by her leggings and dragged from Headington Hill into the bushes of Headington Hill Park.

According to The BBC, the woman was “physically unharmed” but the long term emotional effects of such an act are unreported. It is unknown how this woman, who will remain anonymous, will cope on a personal level with this kind of crime that has been committed against her.

The incident happened near Clive Booth

The incident happened near Clive Booth

That being said, police are increasing their patrols in the area and there is said to be a higher presence of officials in the park, to prevent such awful crimes from continuing.

An official report from Thames Valley Police stated “There will be an increased police presence in the Headington Hill Park area”.

Investigating Officer, Det Insp Jim Holmes said: “I would like to reassure the public that we are conducting a thorough investigation into this attempted sexual assault, which we are linking to two exposures in the city”.

The two exposures refer to an incident that happened on Pullens Lane on April 7, where a man indecently exposed himself to the public. Pullens Lane is a popular route for Clive Booth students to walk to and from university or the city center – it is frightening to learn that the suspect has carried out crimes in the area earlier this month.

Although a man in question will appear in court today, officials are still taking calls regarding the attacker who was described by The BBC as “about 40 years old and 6 ft tall”.

If anyone has any information, we urge you to contact the police enquiry centre on 101.