Your ultimate guide to a sober night out in Bristol that’s actually fun

On the coke tonight and I mean the drink

In a city famed for its nightlife and substance-based activities, going on a night out sober might seem an unfathomable concept for many Bristol students.

Now, this article doesn’t seek to persuade you that you don’t need a drink to enter Fishies on a Wednesday night- let’s not be naïve here. However, if you’re trying to cut down on the booze for good or simply fancy a sober night after a heavy week, you certainly don’t have to miss out.

Music and Comedy

The Canteen

Located on Gloucester Road with free entry every day, the Canteen offers live music from Tuesday to Sunday as well as comedy nights. This is perfect if you want a casual night out and the varying genres each night means you can pick and choose what you want to see.

Not only this but as evident in the name, the canteen offers an amazing range of delicious food which is all vegetarian- shoutout to all of you who claim to be veggie but will gladly devour a kebab from Jason’s three times a week.

Strange Brew

If you’re looking for a sober activity that feels like a night out, Strange Brew might be for you. On Mondays they offer their Bounce Jam night where musicians swap on and off stage, playing together in various ensembles.

If you fancy yourself as a musician, you might be tempted to jump on stage and join in. However, if you’re more of an observer it’s a fun watch and offers a chilled and friendly atmosphere that you don’t have to be drunk to enjoy.

Mr Wolf’s

When sober, you might be looking for a more chilled kind of evening. Every Sunday Mr Wolf’s hosts a comedy night, perfect for if you want to start the week off not feeling like death and have a laugh while you’re at it.

Mr Wolf’s also offers live music every night of the week so there’s always something to come and listen to, from jazz and blues to funk. Alternatively, if you’re feeling in need of a deep chat or simply a catch-up, they have a scenic rooftop terrace.



Making a welcome change to the house movie night where no one can agree on a film, Watershed cinema is for you if you’re looking for a film with a bit more substance than your regular blockbuster.

Not only playing films, it offers exhibitions and events on interesting and relevant cultural affairs, just to help mould you further into the pretentious Bristol student stereotype- you may as well buy a Pulp Fiction poster now.

Chance and counters

With locations on both Gloucester Road and the Christmas Steps, Chance and Counters is a great spot for anyone competitive. With hundreds of board games for only £2 an hour, you won’t be stuck for choice. This is a fun activity to do with your house if you’re ‘board’ (pardon the pun) of playing the same game of Monopoly that always ends in an argument after someone gets Mayfair instead of you.

Health and Wellbeing

Pilates and yoga

Whether you prefer pilates or yoga or dabble in both, there are a range of classes based in Bristol that offer evening classes. This is an effective way to unwind after a stressful day and something you can smugly tell your friends about when you strut out of the house in your full Lululemon set.

If you’re interested in doing this within the uni, both Bristol Uni Pilates and Yoga societies have an inclusive community that accepts people of all abilities. They also hold weekly socials, which is a great opportunity to meet new people with a shared interest.

DIY Painting Night

This activity may seem to require a lot of effort but it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is head down to your local craft shop (Flying Tiger is always a good bet) and pick up some canvases and paint. You can create an aesthetic set up with fairy lights and candles and voila- you have your own art studio.

This is great way to relax and enjoy a wholesome evening with friends without even leaving the house. Depending on how good you are, you also get the added bonus of a new piece of wall art to cover the mould on your wall. There has never been a better opportunity to resurrect your GCSE art skills.

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