Seven ways to celebrate the end of exams that every Bristol student should try this summer

After weeks of living in the library like a vampire, it’s time cast off the trackies and Birkenstocks and get some time in the sun

Every student knows the stress of exams and deadlines that comes in May and June, but the weeks afterwards are some of the best of the whole year. Living in Bristol with your best mates, not a single bit of uni work and the sun is shining; it’s a golden opportunity to let your hair down and take a hard-earned rest.

Our list includes some wallet-friendly options for when the student loan is running low, but also has some big-ticket options for the spenders that successfully stuck to their budget all year. Whatever you want, we’ve got it covered.

1. Drinks on the Downs


An absolute Bristol classic. If you haven’t already ventured to those pastures green at the top of Whiteladies Road these weeks of sweet freedom after exams are the perfect chance. Freshers living in Stoke Bishop, you’re only minutes away from the cheapest activity the city has to offer; just a speaker, a football and some icy beers make the perfect afternoon.

2. Love Saves The Day

If music is your jam, then where better to experience some live performances than in a field with your closest buds (and thousands of strangers)? At the end of May, Bristol’s famous Love Saves The Day festival returns to give you a hefty dose of sunshine and tunes, so you can dance to acts like ShyFX and Fat Boy Slim. Run by the owners of The Love Inn located in Stokes Croft, this festival is Bristol through and through, so support local everybody!

3. Wild Swimming

If you’re like me and have seen the Bristol Wild Swimming Society splashing in lakes and rivers all year, promising yourself “next weekend”, why not make use of the good weather and dive in? If you’ve never been brave enough to tackle a December dip, after those deadlines are done may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

4. Backyard BBQ

It’s time to make a list of all your friends that are blessed with a garden and pay them a visit, armed with charcoal and sausages. Get all your mates together and put on your best dad-at-the-grill trainers ready to cook up a storm. Nothing says “summer” like getting plastered on Coronas in your own backyard.

5. Student events

Credit: WokeWines

Keep an eye peeled for events run just for students. Brand new for last year’s freshers, Winestock is back and open to all year groups this time. Drink wine until your heart’s content in a field with all your mates (and try not to finish the evening face down in the mud). Bonus points if you spot any of your mates working behind the bar as all of the staff are students.

6. See some live music

Bands and artists are taking advantage of the stunning weather after this long winter, and you should too! Many student bands will be playing gigs in venues across Bristol- get some friends together and find some new artists to make your Spotify Wrapped as indie as possible.

7. Catch some waves

Credit: @uobsurf

Why not live your surfer dreams and make the journey to ‘The Wave’ just outside the city? The artificial wave pool is perfect for beginners and experts alike, so no need to worry if you’re a rookie. If the muddy waters of natural rivers aren’t for you but you still fancy a dip, their bright blue water might be the solution you’ve been looking for.


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