UoBfits are taking pictures of students and posting the most stylish on campus

Out with the trackies, in with the trench coat

Bristol is known to be a vibrant city, where people are free to express themselves however they wish to do so, regardless of how out there or quirky that may be. And so, we would expect nothing less from the students of the city to bring that same diverse, exciting energy and a passion for style and unique expression.

Two part time students, full time fashionistas have a distinct interest in clothes and all things fashion, as they have made a pastime out of spying out the best ‘fits’ around campus, with Senate House being the main hotspot.

While studying hard, of course, they are always keeping a keen eye out for a ‘fit’ that grabs their attention; where they then approach the fellow student and ask if they can take a photo of their outfit, and then go on to post it on their Instagram @uobfits.

credit @uobfits

The founders of @uobfits love clothes and exploring different styles; they see fashion as a “representation and projection of your character in physical form”. This is why they wanted to start the account up in the first place, it’s a safe space to appreciate and share people rocking their own style and a great way for others to get outfit inspiration as well.

When asked what it takes for an outfit to make the cut on their page, they replied that “it’s not what they wear, but how they wear it; as long as they’re rocking it, then it’s cool. Swagger comes in all different shapes and sizes”.

credit @uobfits

Feeling the pressure to own designer brands and big labels to fit the ‘cool’ mark? Then worry no more, as the UoBfits creators, when asked whether such brands matter to them, responded with: “I would definitely say that some people think that just whacking on a little Supreme hoodie means that you’ve hit the ‘fresh’ mark, when it doesn’t”.

One of the two individuals also flexed only having bought clothes second hand for the last two years, with a particular love for charity shops as the source of his trendy fits. So following that philosophy, it seems you don’t need to spend copious amounts of money on designer items, there is more to fashion than a label; it’s all about getting creative and expressing yourself. Just because an item of clothing has a big label, it doesn’t give it automatic “swagger”:

“you could be in some dead supreme hoodie, and that’s not because it’s supreme, but because it’s just dead”.

However, with that being said, the creators did mention that “if someone’s wearing brands and it gives them the confidence to feel themselves, then yeah, why not?”

A point well made. It really all comes back down to confidence and how you choose to wear what you’re wearing.

credit @uobfits

As mentioned, the UoBfits creators are usually scouting around in the Senate/Woodland road area, so don’t be surprised if you’re going about your day, looking “fresh” and someone approaches you asking to take a picture! Their famous phrase is: “give us a spin”, and they have all the inspiration they need.

Maybe this was exactly the incentive you needed to put that bit more effort into your outfits for your library endeavours? Embrace your “freshness”, channel your main character energy, and strut your stuff in the streets of Bristol; UoBfits will be sure to find you and take a snapshot of you slaying the game.

Don’t forget to follow their Instagram @uobfits, and if you’d like to be on the page, then send your fits in as well – and in the words of the UoBfits duo themselves: “the rest is history”.

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