A statue of Darth Vader has appeared on top of the empty Colston plinth

It stands in tribute to an actor who recently died, but grew up in Bristol

A statue of Darth Vader has appeared overnight on the empty Colston plinth, in memory of the actor Dave Prowse who died on Sunday.

The actor who played the original Darth Vader grew up in Bristol, and died aged 85.

The plinth lost its original statue in June, when the statue to Edward Colston was pulled down and thrown into the harbour during the summer BLM protests. Since then, other statues have tried to replace it including a statue of BLM activist Jen Reid.

Photo: Alex Barnham, @alexbarnham_photography

Over 700 people have signed a petition to get permanent statue of Dave Prowse on top of the old Colston plinth. The petition says we’d be “reminded Vader was a really kind hearted Bristolian.” Another idea had been to have a statue of Prowse’s other less famous character, the Green Cross Code Man.

Images: @alexbarnham_photography

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