Dorset Mind offers online support during COVID-19 pandemic

Dorset Mind’s services will now be replaced by telephone and video meetings

Coronavirus (or Covid-19) is plaguing both our country and our minds. This is an uncertain time for everyone, with people concerned about their loved ones, their exams and how the population will deal with this ongoing crisis. With no end in sight, for those suffering with anxiety or other mental health issues, this can seem unbearable.

Dorset Mind are there for you. Dorset Mind are offering online support for those struggling mentally with Covid-19. whether you are at work or at home.

Quarantine for most people is just plain boring, however, for those with mental health issues this can cause them to feel even more anxious and isolated.

To help combat this, Dorset Mind’s services will be replaced by telephone or video meetings from now until further notice. This includes moving wellbeing groups to online and delivering training by Webinars.

Marianne Storey, Dorset Mind’s chief executive, said: “We all find ourselves in extremely difficult times – never before have we encountered such a challenge to offering support to so many people. I am however, very encouraged to see the charity adapt so quickly and employ new technology and solutions in order to continue to support people.

“One in four people will be diagnosed in their lifetime with a mental health problem. Unfortunately, people with mental health difficulties do often feel isolated – this is nothing new. But this situation is new and will undoubtedly affect all members of the public.

“We will be publishing a lot of information and support on our website and through our social media channels in the coming days and weeks so that people do not feel alone and have hints and tips on how to look after their mental health whilst being distanced from work, friends and family.”

Dr Andy Mayers, Dorset Mind patron and principal academic at BU went on to add: “At this deeply distressing time, I am comforted to see that Dorset Mind is finding novel ways to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

“Feelings of isolation will increase in the coming weeks, so it is important that we reach those who need the most support. In addition to providing support online or by phone, it is also vital that we encourage people to engage in activities that keep them physically and mentally well. I am pleased to see that advice being reinforced by Dorset Mind.”

For those in need of support or more information, please visit