A guide to the best pub golf route in Birmingham

Become the next Tiger Woods with this guide to the ultimate pub golf route, from Selly Oak to Broad Street


Looking for a fun, boozy night out in Birmingham, which does not involve Circo? Pub golf might be just the game for you. It involves players completing a course of eight drinks, similar to the holes of a golf course. The goal is to finish each drink in the designated number of sips, with fewer sips resulting in a better score. This is your guide on how to play this drinking game at eight pubs in Birmingham.

Before you begin, make sure you are wearing the correct golfing attire: a visor and a matching coloured top, to ensure you look like a hole-in-one.

This is our roundup of an eight-hole pub golf route from Selly to Heidis.

Hole One: The Goose

Undoubtedly the best pub in Selly Oak, with two-for-one cocktails, a good pub garden and the likelihood of running into everyone you have ever met. 

Pros: Deals on drinks.

Cons: Strict dress code on the weekend (no trousers which resemble joggers), and the bouncers weren’t too keen on the hats.

  • Overall Rating: four/ten

Hole Two: Indie Lounge

A much more relaxed atmosphere, with days of live entertainment and friendly staff.

Pros: Fast service.

Cons: Fairly empty when there aren’t events on.

  • Overall rating: eight/ten

Hole Three: The Bristol Pear

Pros: Local pub, good atmosphere and more relaxed than the Goose.

Cons: Their house rosé.

  • Overall rating: nine/ten

Hole Four: Tesco Express cans

This point is where you differ slightly from typical pub golf: grab some cocktail cans from the Tesco Express and make your way to Selly Oak train station. You can then complete your fourth hole on the journey to Five Ways station (by Broad Street).

Pros: They have deals such as four-for-three on cocktail cans – and they taste really good. Also, journey juice keeps you going.

Cons: It takes a lot of skill to down a drink whilst on a moving train.

  • Overall Rating: five/ten

Hole Five: Soloman Cutler Wetherspoons

Now walk from Five Ways station to the busiest road in Birmingham on a Saturday night: Broad Street. Begin at the Wetherspoons and work your way up.

Pros: Cheap prices, plays music, unlike most Spoons.

Cons: Gets very busy fast, so it’s difficult to get a seat.

  • Overall rating: seven/ten

Hole Six: Walkabout

Pros: 10 per cent off student discount, available here.

Cons: Paid entry after a certain time.

  • Overall rating: five/ten

Hole Six: Coyote Ugly

Pros: Fun atmosphere, with people dancing on the tables.

Cons: Drinks aren’t cheap.

  • Overall rating: seven/ten

Hole Seven: The Figure of Eight Wetherspoons

You can’t go wrong with another Spoons.

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: Lack of music, slow service when busy.

  • Overall rating: seven/ten

And finally…

Hole Eight: Heidi’s BierBar

Birmingham’s Après-ski bar, with beer and cocktail towers, is the perfect way to end your night.

Pros: The four litre beer towers and pop music (which hopefully won’t make you cringe by the eighth hole).

Cons: The cocktail tower tastes like juice.

  • Overall rating: ten/ten

Tip: Remember to make use of the free photo booths in your pub golf hats!

Final Tips:

  • Leave early so that you avoid queues and paying for entry
  • Go in teams if you aren’t the best drinker
  • Choose a variety of different drinks at each pub (not just pints!)
  • Make scorecards, as you won’t remember how you’ve done

Now it’s over to you, best of luck!

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