MAFS bride Lauren denies she’s dating Jayden after raunchy video of them dancing shirtless

‘She was all over him’

Two MAFS Australia stars have been filmed doing some VERY bad behaviour, with Jayden and Lauren getting extremely handy together whilst Jayden is shirtless. And to make matters even worse apparently, MAFS Australia groom Jayden was “ignoring Eden” the whole night whilst Lauren was “all over him.”

Lauren has now been forced to deny anything is going on with them, stating that she thinks all the speculation is absolutely “ridiculous.”


MAFS stars Lauren and Jayden go rogue during night out with their co-stars. Eden was out with them earlier and left early. #mafs #mafsau #mafsaustralia

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A second video also showed MAFS Australia stars Lauren and Jayden cuddling up together, with Jayden at one point licking cards that had their names on them.

Lauren has broken her silence on the speculation that something might be happening between her and Jayden, telling PEDESTRIAN.TV: “Oh I mean, it’s ridiculous. You know what everyone’s like, they love a scandal. We haven’t had a big scandal this season, aside from the obvious one. Jayden and I are just friends. We’re participants in the same show. We all went out to a gay club and danced for 10 minutes and then I went home with a cheeseburger. There’s really nothing to it, unfortunately.”


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One insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Jayden was completely ignoring Eden

“Jayden wasn’t talking to Eden at all which was very noticeable and made everyone feel uncomfortable, so she decided to go home when they went from one club to another,” the source shares.

“At the next venue, Jayden and Lauren arrived arm in arm and were very close the whole night. She was all over him, but he was definitely enabling it.”


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Former MAFS Australia star Tahnee Cook told Yahoo Lifestyle that she finds Jayden’s recent behaviour “disappointing.” She explained: “I feel really upset for Eden,” she says. “I watched the footage from the Nova party and was quite confused and shocked at some of the comments he was making there, from saying how much he meant it when he said ‘I love you’ to Eden and talking about how successful their relationship is in front of the group only to do this to her hours later.

“Eden is a good friend of mine and I know this is upsetting for her, especially when he was ignoring her the whole night and the second she leaves he’s taking his shirt off and dancing with a girl. It just feels a bit embarrassing – and why is your shirt off in the club?

“I find it quite disrespectful. It feels a little intentional to hurt Eden in front of the public and media when she wasn’t there.”

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