MAFS Australia 2024 groom

One groom didn’t tell his gf he was appearing on MAFS Australia leaving her ‘blindsided’

She claims he told her he was ‘moving to America for work opportunities’

We’re only three days into MAFS Australia 2024 and one of the grooms is already involved in some major drama related to the show. Jack Dunkley’s ex-girlfriend has claimed that he broke up with her in order to appear in the experiment.

A woman named Courtney Jade has claimed to have been in a relationship with the personal trainer, explaining that she had “met all his family” and Jack had told her “he loves me” before he completely unexpectedly dumped her.

Courtney claims that instead of telling her he was going to Sydney to start shooting MAFS Australia 2024, the groom told her he was “moving to America for ‘work opportunities.'”

Courtney was seen in the comments of a post that featured photos of Jack getting married on his wedding day. She wrote: “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.”

“Jack has never tried to break up with me and our relationship was becoming quite serious. We spoke regularly about our future together and I don’t believe he is on the show for the right reasons at all.”

Inside the experiment, Jack is already emerging as the villain as his wife admitted on their honeymoon she feels “definite sexual energy” between the two of them.

However, it seems Jack is feeling very differently as he revealed in the confessional: “There’s no sexual sparks flying for me at the moment. We’re not sexually connected at all. I’ve got a pretty high sex drive. I need to be invested in the girl. I need to be connected. If I’m not, I’d rather be by myself.”

The Tab has reached out to Jack Dunkley for comment. 

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