Melinda MAFS Australia split

Melinda from MAFS Australia has finally spoken out about her split from Layton

‘It was not good for either of us’

After breaking up over four months ago, Melinda from MAFS Australia has finally spoken out about her split from Layton. The two broke up last year after meeting on MAFS UK and being in a relationship for over one year.

In an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked whether she misses Layton and whether she’s reflected on their time together now that they’ve been broken up for a while. She replied: “Of course. I miss the good times and the side of Lay that was sweet and caring.”

But it seems that the relationship might not have been as perfect as they portrayed as she added:  “I don’t miss the relationship itself though, unfortunately, it was not good for either of us.”

Since the split from the MAFS Australia groom, Melinda hasn’t dated anyone else. She explained: “I don’t really know how to even date after doing such a public show. I haven’t had time to meet someone nor have I tried to.

“Tbh it still feels a little weird to think about moving on from Lay but even weirder now eyes are on you. Will just keep doing me and hope a husband just appears lol.”

And whilst Melinda has scrubbed any record of her and Layton ever being together for her socials, Layton hasn’t deleted any of the pictures of him and Melinda, my heart is breaking!

When the two broke up they posted a joint statement on Instagram. It read: “Hi all – we wanted to keep this private for the time being, but we have a lot of supporters that are invested in the relationship and owe it to you to be transparent.

“After a lot of thought and consideration, we have sadly decided to both take time apart. We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn’t mean our lives can’t come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best.

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for all your support throughout our journey, it has meant the world to us. We hope you can understand and ask for your kindness and respect during this time.”

Whilst it’s still sad they’re no longer together, it definitely sounds like it’s for the best!

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