Squid Game Challenge 232 tattoo

Omg, Dr Rick aka player 232 actually got his Squid Game: The Challenge tattoo

It even has Gganbu Gang on it!

Whilst all of the players on Squid Game: The Challenge are pretty iconic, some are more so than others. One of these is player 232 from Squid Game: The Challenge who has actually gone and got the tattoo he said he was going to get done. I couldn’t be more obsessed.

In the dormitories, the players were talking about getting tattoos done with player 286 saying that “a lot of people say they’d get a tattoo.” Player 232 aka Dr Rick replied “Oh, I am,” with the other players thinking that his decision was “awesome.”

Rick then described that he was going to get “the calling card with the circle, triangle, square, the card with the colour and with 232.” He added after that he “might even add the Gganbu Gang to it.” Too wholesome.

The other members thought the idea was “sick” and being true to his word Rick has revealed his tattoo on his Instagram. The tattoo has the recognisable doll from the series, with the words Squid Game in the background alongside “Gganbu Gang” and “Player #232.”

The tattoo even features the sugar cookies from the cut-out challenge. Player 232 explained that the tattoo is still unfinished, as he will be adding colour and more elements from Squid Game: The Challenge to it. I’m excited to see how the tattoo progresses!

This man is hands down the coolest grandpa to ever grace our screens.

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Featured image via Instagram @dr.rick.mercurio