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In defence of Erica and Jordan: The MAFS couple under fire who’ve done nothing wrong

The entire cast are gunning for them and I simply don’t understand it

Last night’s episode of MAFS UK proved that Erica and Jordan are well and truly in the cast’s firing line, with the Married at First Sight 2023 originals seemingly fully against them. As a viewer, at least from my perspective, I’ve found this really jarring. Since Erica and Jordan joined MAFS UK, I’ve really enjoyed their presence. They communicate well with each other, they seem likeable and chatty without any big drama and yet, inexplicably, they’re constantly in the firing lines. Unless someone from the show wants to bring me some cold, hard evidence of them deserving their reaction – this is in defence of Erica and Jordan, who’ve found themselves in the MAFS UK firing line.

It started seemingly just headed in Erica’s direction, when Tasha and Ella randomly had it out for her bad vibes. Speaking to the Daily Record, Erica said “We were away for a spa day and I clashed with Tasha and Ella and I just thought these types of trips are meant to be relaxed, what the hell is going on? I was quite taken aback by the whole situation.

“We were playing drinking games and the two girls just sort of came at me. It was initially Tasha that started it saying she gets a bad vibe from me and I just said ‘well, you’ve never had a conversation with me’ so I didn’t get that.

“They both then sort of piped up together and said ‘no you just give us bad vibes’ – baring in mind before this I was straightening Ella’s hair for her, do you know what I mean? I just thought ‘how dare you I was just straightening your hair how can you say you get bad vibes’? It was an attack and I didn’t understand where it was coming from. Me and Jordan had come in and were strong, I don’t know if other couples were maybe threatened by that or if they wanted to stay the ‘golden couple’ but that’s the vibe I got.

“I got really upset with that happening because there’s been so many times I come into a room and people would say ‘oh I thought you were going to be a bitch before I met you’ and I’ve had that my whole life.

“So to go into a room again and have people come at you when they don’t even know you, it just kind of took me back to that and it was shit. I’ve come in as myself and confident, I wasn’t licking all their arses trying to make friends I just kind of kept to myself and I don’t know if that bothered them because they are big personalities and wanted to be seen and I wasn’t giving them that.”

It was nasty from the off, and I backed Erica all the way. Even when Tasha demanded an apology back at the dinner party, I don’t think Erica did anything that made Tasha deserve an apology. On the lads side, Jordan is pissing Luke off for some reason and Luke called him “spooky”. It’s all very weird.

Things carried on this week with the two in the firing line on the couples retreat. The beef continued between Erica and Ella, with even Jay criticising Erica when previously she was good neutral ground. On the lad’s end of things, Jordan was basically called a shit stirrer. Georges went as far to say that Jordan’s opinion is “poison” – a very extreme word choice for something that seems really innocuous.

Justice for Erica and Jordan, to be honest. They’ve joined the show late and have come across as nothing but somewhat nice. They have been asked for their opinions in group situations and then responded and been pilloried for doing what was asked of them. Open, honest and they seem genuine. Either we’re missing something major, or the group have got this all wrong.

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