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Everything the iconic Tube Girl has been up to, from modelling to becoming a MAC partner

The way I need to know her haircare routine

Sabrina Bahsoon aka Tube Girl is the most iconic creator on TikTok right now. And she’s had a very busy week, being interviewed by the BBC, walking in London Fashion Week and so much more.

So whilst we are still all waiting with baited breath to find out exactly which shampoo and conditioner she uses to make her hair so unbelievably shiny, here are all the things she’s been up to since going viral on TikTok!

Created the Tube Girl effect on TikTok


If you go to my daughters school… u didnt see this 😅🤣 #tubegirl #trend #fyp IB: @Bria Jones

♬ original sound – habz.fx

There’s no doubt that Tube Girl and her TikToks have started their very own trend of videos, with #tubegirl gaining over 280 million views on TikTok. From everyday commuters in London, Tube girlies abroad and even TikTok influencers such as Abbie Herbert who has 15.3 million followers, literally everyone is trying to recreate Tube Girls’ iconic energy and charisma.

Runway modelling

Okay, but she genuinely ate this up. To be fair Sabrina is already a model with Hive Models, but she most recently walked for MAC cosmetics at London Fashion Week.

She’s also become an official partner with MAC and showcased their newest clear lipgloss on her TikTok. The real test I need to see that will convince me to buy it is whether her hair sticks to her lips or not when she’s on the Tube. Get that bag girl.

Influencer events


roller skating tube girl unlocked 🔓@Sabrina Bahsoon you icon

♬ original sound – habz.fx

Tube Girl is becoming a fully-fledged TikTok influencer, and so far has been seen at MAC cosmetics events, and NYX cosmetics and was even seen making one of her iconic TikToks whilst ice skating at a Glossier x Sephora event.

That might be one of the most iconic things I have ever seen, I can’t even ice skate without clinging to the edge for dear life so the fact she can skate and film in 0.5 zoom is why she really is the moment.

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She’s going viral on TikTok rn, so who is Durham grad Sabrina Bahsoon aka Tube Girl?