Drag race winners 2022

There’s been a lot, so here’s a rundown of every queen that won a Drag Race crown in 2022

Blu winning UK Vs the World feels forever ago

With RuPaul’s Drag Race now a global franchise, a huge amount of queens win the crown of their season every year. With all the Drag Race going on, it can be hard to keep track of all the winners – but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s all the winners that earned a Drag Race crown in 2022!

Blu Hydrangea – UK Vs the World

During a season of chaotic eliminations and heightened emotions, it was satisfying in the end to see Blu Hydrangea become the first Irish winner of the franchise. Bit of an icon.

Willow Pill – Season 14

Willow Pill took the victory during the grand finale of season 14, where, for the first time ever – five queens made it to the finale. She deserved the crown – and felt like a winner from the moment she sauntered into the Werk Room in that “angle” top.

Sharonne – Drag Race España season two

Watching Sharon blast her way to victory was like watching an old seasoned pro prove exactly why she was such a legend. An extremely satisfying conclusion to one of the best seasons of Drag Race ever.

Jinkx Monsoon – All Stars 7

The world has long awaited for the all-winners season of Drag Race and when it finally arrived, it more than matched expectations. This was a season filled with worthy winners, but the Jinkx domination and victory felt astonishingly correct. What a talent!

Gisele Lullaby – Canada’s Drag Race season three

Gisele absolutely smashed season three of Canada’s Drag Race, and stormed her way to victory and became the first French-Canadian to ever win a crown.

Paloma – Drag Race France season one

After serving LOOK upon LOOK, Paloma went on to be crowned the winner of Drag Race France season one in 2022.

Spankie Jackzon – Drag Race Down Under season two

Drag Race winners 2022

Potentially my personal favourite of all the Drag Race winners in 2022, Spankie Jackzon won the crown for Palmerston North and proved you don’t have to spend 20 grand on runway looks to win the crown – just be talented, likeable and prove what a great person and entertainer you are. Icon.

Precious Paula Nicole – Drag Race Philippines season one

Drag Race winners 2022

Precious swept to victory during the inaugural season of Drag Race Philippines, beating Marina Summers, Xilhouete, and Eva Le Queen to the crown in the finale.

Danny Beard – Drag Race UK season four

Drag Race winners 2022

The Beard is here, here to stay! End of! I was rooting for Danny Beard all season and after a four challenge win season (that arguably could have been at least six) they took the crown for Manchester and Liverpool. What an icon.

La Diamond – Drag Race Italia season two

The latest winner is La Diamond, who took the win for season two of Drag Race Italia on the 8th December. Congratulations to our latest reigning!

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