It needs to be said, Harry Styles can’t act and we have to stop giving him speaking roles

It’s no coincidence his most successful film was a silent performance ffs

I respect that Harry Styles might want to act but for the love of god, he really shouldn’t. Now we have seen his two big movies, Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman, the decision is final: Harry Styles can’t act for shit.

Look, I’m just as devastated as you about it. We all know Harry can perform because he does it so often on tour. But his talent for that has not yet reached the acting department. He can’t hold his own when it comes to working alongside award winning performers like Florence Pugh and Emma Corrin. He’s uncomfortable on screen and cannot play anyone else other than Harry Styles. Directors need to stop casting him and realise he is a bad actor whose best suited roles are silent ones.

Harry’s latest film, My Policeman, isn’t good. It flatlines and it’s not great at building or holding any kind of tension. And if I’m honest, Harry Styles kind of ruined it. Emma Corrin wowed with their charisma and talent but Harry lacks all of that and is the weakest part of the film.

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Watching Harry act in any film is like watching someone miss the beat drop in a song in a one-man mosh pit. It’s awkward, completely out of time and it makes you wish you were elsewhere. It’s no coincidence his most successful movie was 2017’s Dunkirk. The film was fairly decent and what made his character good was the fact he was silent for the most part. But for some reason, directors saw this as Harry showcasing all of his acting talent and therefore a green light for placing him at the front of several big movies.

Harry Styles ruins perfectly good movies

It feels like directors cast Harry Styles for the sake of having Harry Styles. By default it’ll be a big movie because the man’s fanbase is ridiculous. He’s clearly not been cast for his acting talent because, well, that doesn’t exist. He’s not good at it. It’s unfair on him and his co-stars. Every movie feels like an extension of Harry Styles fandom rather than an attempt at creating a decent movie. Plus when it’s a movie like My Policeman with a big LGBTQ+ focus, it’s just cruel to deprive an audience of a story they deserve.

I get it though, it’s easy to fall into the Harry Styles trap. His hair is gorgeous and he’s everyone’s ideal boyfriend. He makes gorgeous music, was part of the world’s best boy band and is criminally attractive. But when you take all of that away, he’s just a man with floppy hair who immensely struggles to pull off the most basic kind of accent and acting performance.

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