Love Is Blind’s Kyle announces split from Deepti just days after confirming they’re dating

They apparently split earlier this summer

Love Is Blind season two stars Kyle Abrams announced he and Deepti Vempati have split just three days after their romance was confirmed on After the Altar.

In an Instagram post written on Monday, Kyle said: “I understand many of you are curious as to where Deepti and I stand today. Since After the Altar was filmed, we decided to go our separate ways early summer. Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey through arduous vulnerability.”

Kyle also revealed he is dating someone new but intends to keep their relationship “private for a bit”. His statement continued: “As for what the future holds, I have no clue. Going forward I plan to live each day in the present without any regret.”

Deepti is yet to address the end of their relationship however other Love Is Blind stars have commented on Kyle’s post. Shayne said: “Don’t worry everyone. I’ll paparazzi the shit out of them – keep your head on a swivel.”

In After the Altar, Kyle says to Deepti: “I want to just start a relationship – like a legitimate relationship with you.” Claiming he wanted to be “exclusive” rather than “just, like, in limbo.” Deepti asked him: “We’re actually going to try this?” and he responded saying: “Yeah, sure. I want to.”

In a recent interview with People, Kyle admits he was scared about taking a jump into the relationship with Deepti because they were such great friends. He said: “I put so much pressure on myself because I was like, ‘I don’t want this to fail’. I was hesitate to jump in for that reason because she was my best friend. And if it doesn’t work out, you kind of lose the friendship. Because if you break up for whatever reason – and I wasn’t planning to break up – you always have to think about what happens after.”

I am sobbing and praying they’re still friends.

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