Just doob it: Find out which degree courses are smoking the most weed

Truly living the high life

Weed is by far the most popular drug among students – they simply can’t get enough. But the real question: which course loves it the most?

It’s a tricky question – but one The Tab can exclusively reveal, thanks to our very own drug survey, which provides us with an insight into all the different ways of how students take drugs.

Only 2 per cent of students said they’ve never tried weed – so basically, 98 per cent of you are all stoners. This was the lowest amount out of all the drugs, compared to say, Xanax, which roughly 67 per cent of students said they’ve never tried.

Philosophy students rank the highest (no pun intended) when it comes to smoking the most weed. I guess it makes sense – bringing you closer to God and everything? Can be considered homework.

In second place is Politics students, which with the current political climate and chaos, you can’t really blame them. It really is depressing.

Coming in last and fulfilling the stereotype that these students really are the most boring is Medicine. Only 49 per cent of medics said they smoke weed more than once a year. Come on guys – you’re making it too easy for us.

Check out the full findings below, based on the percentage of students who said they smoke weed more than once a year.

These are the degree courses which smoke the most weed:

Philosophy – 72.73 per cent

Politics – 70.56 per cent

Economics/ Business/ Finance – 66.43 per cent

Art/ Design – 65.99 per cent

Chemistry – 64.94 per cent

Architecture – 64.06 per cent

Journalism/ Media – 63.24 per cent

Maths – 63.13 per cent

Physics – 62.18 per cent

Sociology – 61.76 per cent

Engineering – 60.95 per cent

History/ Ancient History – 60.16 per cent

English – 59.93 per cent

Psychology – 59.84 per cent

Languages – 59.72 per cent

Biology – 59.23 per cent

Sport – 55.32 per cent

Law – 53.85 per cent

Medicine – 49.26 per cent

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