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Okay, but what does the brain emoji actually mean on TikTok? 🧠

It’s kinda gross

Every day TikTok finds ways to make us all feel 10 years older than we actually are, and the latest brain emoji 🧠 that is cropping up all over the app is doing just that. Gen Z will find any way to find language that either subverts the glare of their parents or makes their life that bit easier by not having to type out a full word, but the brain emoji 🧠 on TikTok does exactly both of those things.

If you’re well aware of nasty colloquialisms and unpleasant terminologies used by younger generations, this phrase probably seems a bit old hat, but for those that don’t know – what does the brain emoji 🧠 mean? Why do people on TikTok use the brain emoji 🧠? Am I uncomfortable with how many times I had to use the 🧠 emoji in the last two paragraphs? Let’s get right into it.

@dentite#stitch with @cianmcbrien We definitely know 🤫 #dentist#🧠#teeth#dentite#dental#weknow#documentary♬ original sound – Tiktok Dentist 🦷

What does the brain emoji 🧠 mean?

And so here we are. Your eyes are already scarred from the amount of brains you’ve seen so far, but now prepare for more. Basically, this emoji is far more x rated than you first realised:

Essentially, the use of the brain emoji 🧠 refers to oral sex. Yup.

Only the masterful users of our wonderful English language will have been aware for quite some time that to give “brain” to someone is to give them oral sex, and so this rendition featuring the emoji is nothing but a derivative of this same expression.

@cumflavorredpufffbarrTHIS SHOULD NOT BE A TREND KDJAJXJDJF #fyp #🧠 #disgusting #disappointment #no #ew #ugh #WelcomeWeek #AirheadsDitchChallenge #monster #alt #share #can♬ Favorite Dress P1 – FOLLOWING BACK❤️🤣

Surely bedroom talk is already mortifying enough without the use of such words and phrases – can you really imagine if someone told you that you give “good brain”? It’s just wrong, and I will not be partaking in it.

I can already imagine a teacher painfully trying to be down with the kids and accidentally telling one of their students that they used good 🧠 on the test last week. Sorry.

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