James Charles gave fans a tour of his LA mansion and it is absolutely humongous

Wait until you see the garden

James Charles has asserted himself as peak YouTube royalty in the last couple of years. From having multiple controversies to reaching 20 million subscribers, he’s ticked off various boxes to cement himself as one of the biggest creators on the platform, and he’s only been doing it for three to four years. So, you’d expect him to have an impressive house to match his impressive accolades and just, like… yes, you 100 per cent know he does.

This man just turned 21 years old and has already bought an entire four-bedroom mansion in LA which he paid seven million dollars for. Oh, and that’s before extensive renovations – for example, it used to be a six-bed but he’s completely redecked the whole place such as redesigning the staircase and converting the entire basement space into the sister space of his dreams. Yesterday he showed lucky subscribers around the property on his YouTube channel and so we can now finally take a sneak peak into his amazing new home.

The piano room

james charles dog, piano, marble, music, house tour 2020

A large marble block makes up the fireplace in the piano room, which is situated through the first doorway on the left when entering the home. The room is furnished with a huge Yamaha grand piano, neutral fabrics and a cute little dog.

james charles piano, marble, music

The black metal structuring on various pieces of furniture is a repeated theme throughout the property, which proves as a tasteful clash against the creams and plants tied in throughout the home.

The kitchen and dining room

james charles kitchen, island

Moving into the kitchen you’re met with two large islands. Leather backed seats line one side as you again see the black metal make an appearance.

james charles kitchen, chairs

As James himself says, he almost never cooks any meals for himself so this is used as more of a social space. He orders meals via Postmates on a daily basis.

james charles kitchen

All of that amazing kitchen space with no meals being cooked smh

As the various utilities are left to gather dust one can only question how much this kitchen cost.

james charles dining room

The dining room is another area in the house that doesn’t get used to its full potential, with the table more often being used to throw parcels on by his staff than actually eat at.

The lounge

james charles lounge

The lounge looks completely cosy and homely, with tasteful beams in the ceiling and some large photo frames covering the walls. A rack of rugs stands against a wall on the right.

james charles lounge

James enlisted the help of Leclair Decor to design the interior of his home, a residential design firm founded by Sacha and Melissa Leclair in 2011.

james charles lounge

That TV is the size of a standard doorway

Overall they’ve done a really nice job with the place, and it has a good balance between looking homely and being a literal showhome.

The office

james charles office

This is where James keeps his setup for his gaming videos, but he admits that he hasn’t done any gaming in a while. Also not sure why you’d have an office like this with a massive kitchen next door to work in but hey ho.

james charles office

PC master race HA HA

The doors into the room are solid metal French doors which adds to the general design of large door spaces to make the lower floor more open plan.

The master bedroom

james charles bedroom

James’ master bedroom is really bright thanks to the large sliding doors to the right. His bedroom has less nick nacks compared to the other rooms, but he’s still managed to sneak a plant in.

james charles bedroom

Ah, maybe I spoke too soon. A floorstanding mirror, TV and more framed photos decorate the walls, with shelves adorned with various trinkets on the far wall. He even has a personal drinks fridge.

james charles bathroom

Onto the ensuite, which is fully kitted out for two people. Two toilets, two separate shower spaces and two sinks make up this pretty colossal bathroom. The best part for James? The heated towel rack to the left.

james charles wardrobe

This is one of two near-identical dressing areas that connect to the bedroom. The first has all of his more extravagant outfits, such as the one he wore to Coachella, whilst this one holds his more casual fits.

The balcony with garden view

james charles balcony, garden, house tour

As if he didn’t have enough space to chill out with friends and family, James also has a huge balcony leading out from the master bedroom.

james charles balcony, garden

This place must be the ultimate environment to chill with your mates during a sunny day – imagine how much his Instagram is going to pop now?!

james charles garden, house tour 2020

The view out over the garden shows a swimming ball with built-in hot tub, a ground-level trampoline to the right and a basketball hoop to the left. James is going to be having some big parties here with all his celeb mates in the future, I feel it.

Supposedly there is a part two coming which will give an in-depth tour of the garden as well as the entire converted basement, but this is all he shows us in the video. To see it all with commentary from James himself, watch the full video here:

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