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These are the hilarious memes and tweets that destroyed Fyre Festival

There’s no coming back from this

Right now, everyone is talking about Fyre Festival – the luxury music event that never happened. But cast your mind back to 2017, when the festival was actually happening – or not happening, as attendees soon found out. Twitter went into meltdown, with people living to destroy the "rich kids" of Fyre Fest. People were posting memes non stop as the chaos unfolded. This formed its own section on the internet. Introducing: Fyre Festival memes. They were everywhere.

Marc Weinstein, the music festival consultant featured on the Netflix doc about the event, said: "All I know is that people were stocked to watch this thing come down". Fyre Festival was meant to be the biggest event of the decade. A luxury festival in the Bahamas promoted by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and other Instagram influencers. And when this didn't happen, people on the internet kicked back, and went IN.

These are the best memes, tweets and viral threads that came out during Fyre Festival, and in the aftermath.

The cheese sandwich tweet that took down the festival in one

Everyone talks about *that* cheese and bread picture from Fyre Festival. It completely sums up the lies that were sold to the attendees. They were promised luxury catering, and when they arrived they were actually served this:

In the Netflix documentary, Mick Purzycki, CEO of Jerry Media, said: "A couple of powerful models posting an orange tile is essentially what built this entire festival, and then a kid with probably 400 followers posted a picture of cheese on toast that trended and effectively ripped down the festival."

The best memes

Some of the memes that went viral during the chaos of the festival were shown in the Netflix documentary:

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Other memes sent Twitter into meltdown

The Twitter thread that destroyed #FyreFest

William Needham Finley IV's tweets feature heavily in the Netflix show. His tweets are used as an example of how Twitter completely took down Fyre Festival instantly. Last year, he made a thread recapping all the tweets as a journey through the festival grounds when he arrived. He says: "I was just a blogger/media empire founder trying to go on vacation and satirize the influencer culture at the same time. The main reason I was there was for the million dollar treasure hunt."

In a lot of his videos you can hear the pounding background music. In the Netflix doc it was said that Billy McFarland had demanded music was blasted, in a way to distract festival attendees and build some sort of atmosphere over the carnage that was unfolding. This is the tweet thread:

"After being kicked out of the first tent, we went back to Billy. I think this is where he really showed his leadership skills"

"We found another tent. Two friends stayed back to guard it while my other friend and I searched for our luggage. That's when we came upon the luxury baggage carousel."

"While exploring, I discovered the secure lockers. I'd make a joke like 'at least they kept our personal data safe' but months later our emails/contact info were sold (allegedly)."

"However, the food court was a bit underwhelming."

"Expectation vs Reality"

The reactions to the documentary have been pretty wild too

Since the doc, Ja Rule has tweeted about how he was scammed as well, and that has become a meme in itself

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