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The Tory party actually tried to sell Love Island water bottles saying ‘don’t let Corbyn mug you off’

Popularity and hydration are May’s top priorities

In the latest desperate move made by the Conservative party to connect with younger voters, water bottles inspired by Love Island were created and later removed as official merchandise of the political party.

The party announced on Monday that a free competition to win a Love Island water bottle was created in honour of the final yesterday evening. Winners received a text, but instead of receiving a product supporting Jack and Dani, they won a bottle with the slogan "Don't let Corbyn mug you off" in the trademarked Love Island hot pink font.

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From the official Conservative website

Entrants had to give their name, address and email to successfully bid for a bottle, in an effort to gain more emails on their lame newsletters. But their really cringey hashtags are the worst about this competition – the hashtag #DontBeAMelt was created to generate more buzz on Twitter and Instagram. It's really just left us with a vomit taste in our mouth.

It has now sparked a trademark debate between the Tory party and the ITV marketing department, causing the tag 'Love Island' to be removed from the initial product release and all Instagram stories to be removed.

Love Island contestants have discussed political issues on the show, like Brexit, as Hayley asked the group if Brexit meant no more trees. Others were concerned about their holidays and how hard it would be to go to Spain, with Samira stepping in to finally explain why we're leaving the EU.

Whatever it is, we don't want it near us. Kill it with fire.

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