Do you want to watch a man climbing a 12-storey halls of residence?

Try not to vom

The 6am sober rave is not as lame as it sounds

The rave-olution will not be televised, but we’ve managed to embed a video of it

VIDEO: Meeting North London’s fundamental Islamists

Filterview’s Bob Juburi spent time with Islamic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary in a bid to understand how his beliefs fit in the 21st century

VIDEO: Meet the student competitors at this year’s Miss England

Meeting the people vying to be the face of Britain’s beauty pageant scene

VIDEO: FIFA and the perfect con part 3

The final part of FIFA and the Perfect Con – an original, high quality documentary made for The Tab

I got teargassed in Brazil last week

Part 2 of FIFA and the Perfect Con. How a national passion became widely resented: charting the mood of Brazil as the World Cup kicks-off

Inside Comic Con: the 110,000-person nerd convention

Ben Reynolds dresses as Dr Who to explore a sub-culture often ridiculed and misunderstood

VIDEO: How Brazil learned to hate the World Cup

FIFA and the Perfect Con is an original, high quality documentary made for The Tab. This is part one.

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Clubber Steve: The Movie

VIDEO: Clubbing at boob level with Oxford’s biggest baller

This fella sinks a pint in 3.4 seconds, can you do any better?

We’re searching for Britain’s fastest bolt. Send us your videos and we’ll crown a winner!

Watch students pose for video thinking it’s a photo

Super-cringeworthy video montage of students posing for the camera…while it films them.

Video: Student Faces Painful FIFA Forfeit (Warning: Explicit Content)

Is this the worst forfeit ever? An unlucky fresher staples his balls after losing a game of Fifa

Is this the worst video ever made?

Loughborough SU’s cringe inducing sing-a-long is worse than words can describe. Watch it!

VIDEO: Watch this wasted student who’s too drunk to keep hold of his pizza

Is this the best food review ever? Smashed student takes on gravity in war for post night-out pizza.

News on Booze! Meet Manchester’s finest freshers

Video: Our man Jake Warren meets Manchester students to talk Syria, gun laws and Blurred Lines.

Tab TV: UoN’s Deaf Security

You can say anything to these guys…