We had a DMC with Marvin Humes from JLS about why he loves Edinburgh

He’s coming back just for Teviot’s nachos

You are not allowed in the cool girl club unless you have an Urban Outfitters red puffer jacket

And no you can’t join

Edinburgh Uni FINALLY apologises to Esme Allman for its lack of support when false claims were made about her in the national papers

It follows apologies made by The Times and The Daily Mail

‘It’s been a long journey and will still be a long journey’: Why protestors came to the Time’s Up Rally in London

‘Little girls don’t stay little forever’

James took a year out after failing his first year, got things back on track, and went back to uni. Weeks later he was dead

We investigated the Bristol student’s death as part of our Mental Health Rankings 2017

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Our one of a kind rankings are now in their second year

Third year Bristol University law student found dead

The university are encouraging those who need help to come forward

‘The misogyny that has been a bedrock of not just my industry has to stop’: An interview with Bryan Cranston at the Cambridge Union

The Breaking Bad star on tackling Hollywood’s ‘patriarchal power grid’

Students across Cambridge wear black to raise awareness of sexual assault

A large number of students gathered outside the UL in black to support the Time’s Up campaign

White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak at MSU

A white supremacist is officially going to speak at Michigan State

After being slammed as ‘bigoted and intolerant’ by Jacob Rees-Mogg, creator of Frida petition closes it down

The petition called for a vote of no confidence in the SU President

James took a year out after failing his first year, got things back on track, and went back to uni. Weeks later he was dead

Here is what actually counts as ‘living in London’, decided by the number of Prets

Don’t even talk to me about ‘Greater London’

‘I got some free baps from Warburtons once’: We spoke to the lads behind Edinburgh’s new Northern Society

‘Pollock was bad enough’

I got mugged for my Canada Goose but joke’s on them – it wasn’t even real

And his wallet only had a fiver in it

Why these women are finally ditching tampons and moving on to better things

The revolution is here

Applause at the end of lectures is a plague that must be stopped

Please. Stop. Clapping. You. Absolute. Weapons.

Goodnight sweet Lizard Lounge, your spirit will be with us forever

Bristol’s most famous club has undertaken the worst rebrand in history