Computer Science student compares Black Lives Matter to Planet of the Apes in course group chat

He has said he ‘didn’t mean to offend anyone’

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There was an anti-abortion protest outside the Parkinson building that had more opposition than support

They compared abortion to slavery

The Swan has banned swearing, and no I’m not fucking kidding

If they hear your profanities you’ll get kicked out

Birmingham fresher gets a VK tattoo after losing a game of odds on

He couldn’t afford to get a flavour coloured in

The New Zealand rugby team were in the Edi uni gym this morning

They’re going to be around town for a few days

‘She’s a big black ape’: Boys insult BU fresher in racist group chat

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Liverpool students have started a campaign to rename halls because of links to slavery sympathiser

There are calls for the name of Liverpool-born ex-PM William Gladstone to be removed

Greek life suspended after Texas State sophomore found dead in pledging incident

Matthew Ellis was 20

KKK Grand Dragon suspended from college after threatening fellow classmates

He posed topless with a rifle and spoke about confronting students

A fresher has set up a Go Fund Me so he can get back on the sesh

He currently has 17p in his bank account