Salma Salifu

Salma Salifu
Cambridge University

Universities, student life, campus culture, features, theatre, TV, film, Cambridge, pop culture, language learning, football

  • Salma Salifu is a writer for Features and Theatre and Culture, as well as being a member of the Social Media and Tab TV team.
  • She has a particular focus on the quirks of Cambridge student life, but is also a fan of exploring the creative scene and speaking to interesting people
  • In her spare time, Salma likes writing stories, film and TV, watching football, and travelling


Salma joined the Tab in early 2023, originally as part of the Social Media team, but began writing for Features and Theatre and Culture in October 2023.


Salma is a French and ab initio Spanish student due to graduate from the University of Cambridge in 2026. She is in her second year, and will be on her year abroad in 2024-25.


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