Poppy Mann

Student Contributor

Poppy Mann
Birmingham University

Poppy is a keen journalist with an eye for writing about culture, in particular the arts. As she is a theatre studies student she enjoys reviewing theatre and other styles of art Poppy has good experience in the workplace and is an aspiring sports journalist

  • I am a student contributor for The Tab at the University of Birmingham, currently studying English Literature and Drama
  • I predominantly write about culture, food recommendations, and what you can expect as a student at the University of Birmingham
  • In my spare time you will most likely find me out on a run, either training for a half marathon or running up a lacrosse pitch


I have contributed for many magazines and newspapers whilst I was at school, and also frequently enjoyed reviewing theatre for opening night productions in London I have interned with local MPs and at renowned marketing firms, all adding to my knowledge of journalism


I went to North London Collegiate School for girls for 14 years, and studied English Literature Pre-U, Classical Civilisation and Drama for my A-Level subjects, alongside an EPQ I am studying English Literature with Drama at the University of Birmingham, and am going on a term abroad to Trinity College Dublin


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