Gracie Rogers

Student Contributor

Gracie Rogers
Birmingham University

Breaking news, protest action, environment & sustainability, human rights news, gender and sexuality, politics, culture and arts, trends

  • Gracie Rogers is a student writer at The Tab, Birmingham, where she responds to commissions, pitches articles, and writes features
  • Gracie is passionate about providing informative, accessible and entertaining content, in the form of investigative pieces, breaking-news and student stories
  • She is actively pursuing a career in journalism, media and editorial work alongside her studies


Gracie began her journalistic career by writing for WeLoveBrum, a local news, arts and events travel guide. She has produced responses to commissioned pieces, and pitched her own writings, learning to network and find leads. She works as an editor for the site, adopting the brand's voice, and optimising articles for search engine results. She has also produced content for The New Age Magazine, Heart Home Magazine, The Tab and Redbrick Newspaper. She has been media law trained, and has worked as an editorial assistant for print journalism.


Gracie is in her final year of study as a BA English student at the University of Birmingham. She has pursued her interests in feminist literature and women's writings, queer theory, and gender & sexuality studies, honing her writing and analysis skills. Alongside her core degree, she has taken a creative writing pathway, producing prose, poetry, screenplays, stage plays and creative non-fiction.


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