Eleanor Garvey

Student Contirbutor

Eleanor Garvey
Edinburgh University

Opinion, guides, literature, books, history, advice, cooking, Edinburgh, student lifestyle, features, music, theatre, travel, writing

  • Eleanor is currently a Student Contributor for the Tab Edinburgh and has published articles within the guide and opinion genre.
  • Eleanor's work revolves around opinions and guides, specifically regarding the arts, her special interest- but she is also interested in contributing to public opinion as she progresses.
  • Eleanor is a member of the Edinburgh Christian Union and a regular gym goer. She also loves to travel within and outside of Edinburgh with her friends to gain new experiences and learn more about the world.


Eleanor Garvey joined the Edinburgh Tab as a student contributor in the autumn of 2023 at the start of her second year at the University of Edinburgh.


Eleanor is in her second year at the University of Edinburgh studying English Literature. She attended a leading secondary school in Cardiff and is noted for her impressive academic profile.


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