Abby Stewart

Student Contributor

Abby Stewart
Exeter University

Exeter student life, pop culture, campus life, English, lifestyle, social media, film, feminism, news, television

  • Abby Stewart is a contributing writer for The Tab Exeter, writing on a variety of topics from pop culture to lifestyle
  • Abby enjoys writing light-hearted and satirical content, specifically in relation to student life and guides for Exeter
  • As an English and Film student, Abby enjoys both reading and watching latest cinema releases. She has also been a dancer from the age of 9 and has competed across the country in commercial and hip hop styles


Abby Stewart joined The Tab Exeter in September 2023. She is also currently Social Media Manager for the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, expanding her marketing and film knowledge beyond her degree.


Abby is an English and Film & Television Studies student in her final year at the University of Exeter. She has taken modules on modernism, renaissance literature, film adaptation, romance fiction, and colonial literature. Abby is writing a dissertation on how Greta Gerwig has brought feminism into mainstream filmmaking.


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