Aaliyah Ahmed

News Editor

Aaliyah Ahmed
Kings College London

King’s College London, News, Breaking News, Local News, Politics, Journalism, Interviews, Arts, Culture, Media, Community

  • Aaliyah Ahmed is the News Editor of The KCL Tab where she oversees a wealth of writers interested in King’s news stories, as well as writing some stories too
  • At The Tab, Aaliyah provides an insight into the news world as she is a keen consumer of news journalism and is involved in the King’s community
  • She also spends time at Blocks2Bags, where she appears on podcast episodes and produces shoots across the UK.


Aaliyah joined The Tab in 2023 as the News Editor for her local branch at King’s College London. She has previously written and edited articles for several publications.


Aaliyah Ahmed is in her final year of studying Politics at King’s, where she is focusing on Gendered Political Economy, African Political Economy, and the New Political Economy of the Media.


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