Girls, we need to stop wearing baseball caps

They’re the Crocs of 2016

Previously worn by middle-aged men trying to cover their bald patches and receding hairlines, somehow fashion has managed to bring back the baseball cap.

Ladies, we’ve started wearing a lot of baseball caps – and it really needs to stop.

The impression they give off is cringe-worthy, because nothing screams a try-hard more than a baseball cap. Maybe we’re trying to look like we’ve taken MD or maybe we’re trying to look sexy, but whatever we do, it just isn’t looking good.

As well as being impossible to pull off without the face shape of a Victoria’s Secret model, they look downright stupid. Just because Gigi Hadid can pull one off on Instagram, doesn’t mean we can get away with wearing them as well – unless the aim is to look like a 12-year-old tomboy.


Possibly the poorest accessory in the history of fashion, a cap will ruin whatever outfit you wear. They look bad enough on 50-year-old holiday go-ers, so why do we wear them on a night out with a potentially decent outfit?

We all know the horrors of a bad hair day, but there’s no need to cover it up with something equally as hideous. Why not invest in a nice fedora instead?


Either way, just don’t wear it on a night out. While sweaty head syndrome isn’t normally a problem for the balding population who previously rocked the trend, girls with hair down to their knees are a different story.

If you’re wearing a baseball cap to da rave, your hair will inevitably get messed up and you’ll look more drab than fab. Either the sweat will make your hair frizzy, or you’ll get the worst hat hair of your life. Who needs that?


So come on people, we don’t need to try so hard and accessorise with one of the worst things in humanity since the Ugg boot. They’re well on their way to being the Crocs of 2017 – so for all our sakes, can we please stop wearing caps.