Lincolnshire has the most underrated accent in the UK

Even if you can’t really understand it


Nothing lights the passions of love like someone sensually whispering “now then” into your ear, all the while affectionately referring to you as “duck”.

Of course you very rarely hear Lincolnshire accents on the TV or radio, and some might argue there’s a good reason for that. No good chat up line was ever conceived under the shadow of Steep Hill.

But the most rural accent in the UK has its charms, and its rarity is just one of these.

It’s endearing and ultimately disarming, about as far from the Queen’s English as it gets. It might be the second biggest county in the land, but there’s only one city.

This means anyone who didn’t grow up jumping on hay bales and picking ‘tates is affectionately known as a townie. Even when a red-faced farmer is asking you to stop trespassing on his land in a squeaky fenland tone, it’s all good natured.

There’s been a trend of kids from humble market towns like Sleaford, Grantham or Boston and going off to uni, only to return with a drastically more bland RP accent. Spencer Matthews might have been born in Lincolnshire, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way he pronunces “The graass is greener”.

The Lincolnshire dialect is all about being different. It symbolises non-conformity in a world where we’re all starting to sound exactly the same.

For that reason, it’s the sexiest in the UK.

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