Everything you’ll understand if you grew up in Lancashire

“I’m from Preston” “Where?” “Near Manchester”

Lancashire doesn’t have the status of Yorkshire, or the emotional tug of Cumbria. But it definitely has its own unique character. This is what you’ll understand if you grew up there.

You greet everyone into your house by asking them if they want a brew

Whatever the situation, someone will always “stick the kettle on”, complete with the invisible brew drinking hand sign.

People don’t know where you’re from so you just say ‘near Manchester’

“Where are you from?” “Preston” “Where?” “Near Manchester”.

Pies are a staple in your dietIMG_1367

The people of Lancashire keep Greggs afloat by their dedication to the meat and potato pie. Nothing quite compares.

You naturally over use pronouns

“I hate her me.”

It’s breakfast, dinner and tea

They’re called dinner ladies for a reason.

People will undoubtedly reference Peter Kay when you tell them where you’re from

Yes he’s our local hero but we don’t all say “t’internet”

If you’re posh, you do your weekly shop at Booths


Booths is the upmarket Tesco and manages to make even Waitrose look tacky.

“I’m not being funny but” is a legitimate way of being able to voice your controversial opinions

You certainly aren’t being funny.

People are possessions

“Our Leanne was at the pub last night” and “our kid” refers to your best mate or sibling rather than your actual child.

“It’s like Blackpool illuminations up here”

Leaving a light on upstairs would inevitably result in your mum yelling this, thinking she was hilarious every time.

Gravy is a way of life

Gravy on your pie, gravy on your chips and definitely all over your roast dinner. You pour the stuff over everything and now it’s basically in your blood.

Visiting Camelot was the highlight of every Primary school’s summer term


If you didn’t buy a keyring, it didn’t happen

You were all dragged away from the Dragon Flyer to watch the lunchtime jousting show and it took several years before you realised that the same person died each time. Sir Percival was a straight 10/10 and every Year 5 girl’s heartthrob.

Mistaking a pylon for Blackpool Tower during a game of ‘who can spot the tower first’ and never living it down

The car journey to Blackpool Pleasure Beach was always one filled with excitement and competitiveness. Finally being tall enough to ride the Big One was also an important rite of passage and very highly regarded within the friendship group.

Bury has a world famous market and no one really knows why

Everyone’s heard of it and your mum has probably taken you there for a ‘trip out’ but you still don’t understand the hype.

Having a ‘chippy tea’ on a Friday is a weekly rule

fish and chips

No one looks twice at the people who bring their own plate to pick up the chippy, especially at the end of the week.