David Cameron just said he likes watching Glasto at home in front of a warm fire

It’s in June hun

This morning, David Cameron was addressing students (and some media) at the University of Exeter, in a speech focusing on young people and the EU. He is urging them to join the Remain campaign.

Unfortunately, it sounds like another of his attempt to court us by invoking “things he’s heard young people are into” has fallen flat. Someone in the audience asked the Prime Minister why he has scheduled the vote to take place over the weekend of Glastonbury, to which Cameron talked a bit about postal voting and then – no Dave, STOP THERE – replied that he also likes Glastonbury, but prefers to watch it “from the safety of my television at home in front of a warm fire“.  Glastonbury takes place in June.

It’s alright Dave, soon you’ll be allowed a fallow year too.