David Cameron has a pair of Union Jack Beats by Dre headphones

He wore them on his holidays

We all know David Cameron likes to chillax. But it transpires he does not enjoy a “chaterama” with his wife Samantha on the plane, but prefers to “plug in” – and he has patriotic Union Jack headphones with which to do so. This is a man who knows how to mix work and play.

Today, The Sun published a poor-quality picture of David Cameron wearing these headphones. Their exclusive image was taken by someone on the Prime Minister’s flight to Lanzarote last week.

IMG_4953 copy

The headphones are Beats by Dre, and can cost up to £400. They could even be bespoke – I could not find the specific set available on the Beats by Dre website, though another website called “RaptorSkinz” – in no way affiliated with the Beats by Dre brand – appears to sell a Union Jack “decal” (sticker) which you could use to customise your Beats by Dre headphones. There is a small and totally unconfirmed chance that this is what DC has done. The decal costs $29.99 – about £20.

Wesley Gorgo, who spotted the PM on the flight was effusive about his “look”.

“It was hilarious,” he told The Sun. “I found it hugely entertaining the whole way here.”