Hot people are friends with hot people

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At some point, you have probably cast an appraising eye across your friendship group, and you were pleased. You’re a group of solid eights.

Well, obviously. Hot people gravitate towards hot people. This is a trope explored in films; it played out in the halls of schools and on campuses of universities. People like their own kind.

Babe goals

Babe goals

Now, scientists in New Zealand have proved it is intuitive and animalistic. A group conducted an only slightly creepy study into the behaviour of the attractive, collecting 172 strangers together, “rating” them for attractiveness and then popping numbered caps on their pretty little heads. Then, they threw them all into a sports stadium, while experts from the University of Oxford and University of Otago, in New Zealand filmed the group on hidden cameras incorporated into the roof.

Participants tended to form groups of six and were more likely to approach those of similar attractiveness. Hot babes (women) were most likely to be at the centre of the group.

Now you know why you and your mates are so banging.