A law firm had a party that got very Wolf of Wall Street

They were pouring champagne EVERYWHERE

Lawyers are reputed to be the boring arseholes of the professional world.

But do not not accuse Kirkland & Ellis of being joyless dullards. The firm’s London office threw a European Private Equity Ski Conference so wild that a client had to intervene. And yes, that is a real conference.

The party was hosted at one of the world’s most expensive ski resorts, The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. The firm flew its staff out and put them up in rooms that cost £400 a night.

Obviously, the lawyers bought champagne, though it was used mostly to spray people. “The bar was left soaking. Even the ceiling was dripping with champagne,” an inside source told Roll On Friday.

Imagine it: the UK’s sharpest legal minds, intense men and women who bust balls and cut deals, spraying one another with vintage bubbles like it’s their last night on a particularly loose Val d’Isere ski season.

Reportedly, they went through so many magnums of champagne that the hotel ran out, and forced the party to relocate to another venue.

There was some slightly unpleasant behaviour: a partner reportedly “honked” the breast of a female colleague. “Embarrassingly a client had to step in”, Roll On Friday’s source added.

This is The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

The whole thing might has caused a “massive upset”, according to the source. Insiders say it’s “unlikely to be dealt with” though.

We contacted Kirkland & Ellis for a comment. They gave the following response:

“Kirkland does not comment on the specifics of any alleged situation, but the firm is committed to ensuring a work environment in which the dignity of every person is respected. The firm does not tolerate harassment of any kind, and takes seriously and investigates any allegations of inappropriate behaviour or harassment”.