A brief history of celebrities being weird on Twitter

The social media minefield is 10 years old today

Exactly ten years ago today, Twitter was founded.

Though the site may never acquire the status or relevance of Facebook since then, it has delivered something else very important: an insight into the unhinged minds of all of our favourite celebs.

So to celebrate the big T’s big day, we have reminisced about the most batshit cray celebrity Twitter moments of the last ten years.

March 2006 – Jack Dorsey publishes the first ever tweet

2006 first tweet ever

It all started with this one tweet from Jack Dorsey, his needless txt spk decision to omit the vowels in “Twitter” a sure sign of what was to come. Namely, people being really annoying in under 140 characters.

December 2007 – John Cleese joins and answers the burning question

2007 john cleese still alive

It took a while for Twitter to catch on among the rich and famous, but national treasure John Cleese was one of the first to see its true potential. That is, as a method of informing the public he wasn’t quite dead yet.

February 2009 – P Diddy lets us know what he’s up to
2009 tantric sex

Because there is never such a thing as too much information.

August 2010 – Hulk Hogan gets involved but fails to grasp it completely

2010 hulk joins

Either that or he was trying to write a haiku. Whichever one it was, he failed.

August 2010 – 50 Cent calls out his grandma

2010 50 cent

Everyone knows you can find 50 Cent in the club with a bottle full of bub. What they didn’t know, however, is that you can also find him at his grandma’s house being forced to take the bins out.

February 2011 – Lindsay Lohan gets it wrong

2011 lindsay fb

Bless her, she tried.

April 2011 – Ed Balls
2011 Ed Balls

In one of the most infamous tweets of all time, Ed Balls tried to search his own name and ended up starting off a national phenomenon.

February 2012 – Wayne gets a bit emotional

2012 wayne cher

We were all a bit cut up when Whitney Houston died, but nobody took it quite as badly as Wayne Rooney. We hope he’s OK now. @

August 2012 – Cher says what everyone was thinking
2012 cher career

Cher is notoriously odd on Twitter, but this offering in 2012 was strangely poignant .

September 2012 – Mary J. Blige has something to say about her intelligents

2012 mary j blige

She had a point.

September 2012 – Kris Jenner is full

2012 kris meatloaf

Kardashian mother, reality TV star, meatloaf connoisseur.

September 2012 – Danny Dyer faces the harsh truths

2012 Danny Dyer

Even when trying to sum up the horror and devastation of the World Trade Center attacks, Danny Dyer managed to do it in the most Danny Dyer way possible.

May 2013 – Donald Trump knows your game
2013 fuckface

Way before he was terrifying the world with his bid for the White House, Donald Trump was way more at home lording it over people that “F**kface Von Clownstick” wasn’t that original a nickname for him.

March 2014 – David Cameron takes a phonecall

2014 David Cameron

Just one of many occasions where David Cameron failed spectacularly at getting it, the PM tweeted a photo of him looking all stern and worried on the phone to Barack Obama. Ridicule ensued.

September 2015 – Jaden Smith sums up the modern condition

2015 jaden

Jaden is another notorious tweeter, but this has to be the one that summed him up as the true voice of our generation.

November 2015 – The Dave Benson Phillips bomb scare


It’s OK, Dave. We’re only human.

January 2016 – Kanye West rants (again)
2016 Kany rant

Never has there been a more prolific Twitter nutjob than Kanye West, and his attack on Wiz Khalifa earlier this year was probably the best. Of the 30ish tweets Yeezy directed at Wiz, highlights include “I think you dress cool I wish I was skinny and tall” and “I went to look at your twitter and you were wearing cool pants”.

Here’s to the next 10 years.