Tinder accidentally deleted thousands of matches last night

And people were kicking off

One second, you are chatting to the man or women of your dreams, probably. The next they are gone forever.

You’d expect that sort of disappointment on a night out, but not on Tinder, where you can collect people over time and then disappoint them in your own time.

However, last night, a glitch on Tinder meant that matches started disappearing. Some users lost a handful. Others lost hundreds – people collected over years of toilsome flirting.

People did what anyone would do in an instance of thwarted love: they attacked Tinder on Twitter.

It delivered an interesting insight into the number of matches people have amassed. Those complaining about losing 600+ tended to be girls, and they were unexpectedly disconsolate about the guys who had been removed.

Tinder fixed the issue just before midnight and a spokesperson for the app insisted all lost matches should have been restored. Tinder tweeted to reassure users: “If it looks like your matches are gone, don’t worry! Just log out & log back in – they’re still there.”

At least it gave people on Tinder something to talk about other than “hey, how are you?”