Zayn Malik has released a new single and it’s better than his other one

They’re calling it his Zingle

Zayn Malik is a virtuoso tease.

Last night, he tweeted “new one tomorrow 6am EST” (66,000 retweets, 99,000 favourites). And this morning, he offered the below:

It turns out that “hey what’s up it’s been awhile” [sic] is the first line of his latest single, Like I Would, which was released this morning. He revealed the song’s existence in a subsequent tweet. The hashtag #NewZingle was trending on Twitter this morning, now #LikeIWould is.

The release is audio only at the moment, but first listen confirms it’s a banger with a bit more energy than Pillowtalk: bass thumps, electro twitters in the background, and Zayn croons some bad boy lyrics over the top.

It’s opens with some (not very) veiled drug references (“Thought I’d see what’s up while I’m lighting up/Know it’s late but I’m so wired”), before Malik introduces his Muse (“saw your face and got inspired”).

The chorus is all about shagging:

He won’t touch you like I do

He won’t love you like I would

He don’t know your body

He don’t do you right

Listen to the whole thing here:

He’s promised an album on 25th March. Its set list is inspired by the early noughties MSN culture (wRiTiNg AlL yOuR wOrDs LiKe ThIs).

Pillowtalk topped the US Billboard Chart, which is better than any One Direction song ever managed.