Prince George is the most stylish man on the planet

He’s two years old and he dresses better than you

Perfectly-coiffed hair, well-fitting quilted coat, an understated navy rucksack and a wry, knowing smirk. Forget Ryan Gosling and David Gandy – the most stylish man on the planet is Prince George , the two-year-old with better dress sense than you.

This morning, Kensington Palace released photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with kids in tow holidaying in the French Alps. There are certain things we’ve come to expect with pictures of the most photogenic branch of the royal family, and these did not disappoint: Wills and Kate looked glowing, little Charlotte looked adorable – and George’s outfit was pure fire.

He’s even mastered Blue Steel

When style bible Vogue released their guide to “Ski Chic”, they advocated a simple colour scheme and all-in-one retro ski suits, while declaring: “Bobble hats are back”. Prince George has probably never even read Vogue, but guess what? He ticked every single box, because that’s just what he does.

Sure, his christening dress may have been a bit of an early blip, but since then he’s been consistently on point. Did you see the matching navy cardigan/shorts/knee-high socks combo he rocked when he turned up to the hospital to meet his newborn sister? How about the modish Cath Kidston toy soldiers sweater-vest he debuted in his official Christmas photo? Prince George nails it, every single time.

George has become a confusing sartorial icon for a generation of grown men who’ve found themselves having outfit envy over a toddler. GQ named him the 49th Best-Dressed Man of 2015, while almost every outfit he’s worn since being born has sold out within 24 hours of him being photographed in it. Remember the sick coat he wore for the first day of nursery? Scrambling mums were left disappointed when John Lewis announced they didn’t sell it any more. That’s right – Prince George already does vintage better than you.

Toddler, nursery student, menswear influencer

Naysayers will argue that he doesn’t even pick his own outfits. Well yeah, obviously he doesn’t. He’s two. But countless celebrities don’t style themselves: that’s why stylists exist. Anyone can throw together an ensemble, but to rock it with the pure equanimity, the sprezzatura that George does – that’s not easy.

And that’s how he’s established himself as one of the premier names in modern menswear: most of us would shy away from wearing a red shorts and crochet polo two-piece to our sister’s Christening, but the little rebel owned the outfit with a nonchalant air that had the rest of us plundering ASOS the next day for an adult alternative.

A bold look for a bold guy

Most men could learn a lot from George’s self-assurance. It’s the reason that, when he grows up, he’ll take his rightful place as a menswear icon – he’s already doing a pretty good job without even knowing it.

In the meantime, though, we’ll just continue to salute the little man who proved that dungaree shorts can be cool.