The group Anonymous has allegedly hacked Donald Trump’s voicemails

Hackers and activists seem to have leaked messages to a US news site

Donald Trump’s voicemail has allegedly been hacked by members of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

The published messages appear to indicate that Trump has enjoyed a relationship with some members of the US media, including those who have cross-examined him during televised debates during the Republican nomination race.

The messages were sent to US news blog, Gawker. In its report, the site states that it received an anonymous email on Thursday with an attachment “that purported to contain recordings from Donald Trump’s voicemail inbox”.

Gawker states that while it could not “independently verify their authenticity, the recordings certainly appear to be genuine”. It published three minutes of the voicemails on its site.

The messages are from 2012. In some of them, leading figures in the US media praise and compliment Trump and thank him for his financial support of various charities.

One anchor, Joe Scarborough appeared to confirm that it was him in this tweet.

He has sent various follow-up tweets that suggest frustration at the way in which it has blown up as the messages pertain largely to charitable giving.


Indeed, more crucial than the content is the fact that this is the second time that Anonymous have seemingly targeted Trump: last December, the group declared itself an enemy of Mr Trump last year, after he announced that he would ban all Muslims from entering the US , and took his website offline for half an hour.