Moonpig appear to have messed up on Mother’s Day orders and people are not happy

A lot of cards haven’t arrived yet

DON’T PANIC but (cue the jingle) might have ruined Mother’s Day.

If you ordered through the gift card site, you might be having a bad day: hundreds of people have been tweeting the site asking why their cards and presents haven’t arrived yet. As there’s no post on a Sunday, anything destined for our mothers had to arrive today.

There’s a poor PR running their Twitter account. They’ve had around 100 messages already today, varying from a simple “my mum isn’t happy about her card not arriving” to full blown abuse in 140 characters.

Some people were promised delivery on time in their order confirmation, while others sent flowers which they claim had gone off already according to some of the tweets. Others simply left it to the last minute and wanted to moan that Moonpig don’t do next day delivery for a Sunday.

We contacted Moonpig but they declined to comment.