Some politicians want you to call your grandmother, now

They’re calling the campaign ‘grab a granny’

It’s hard to keep up – but this morning, we’re the “Easyjet generation”, and politicians want us to give Granny a ring.

It’s all about Brexit, again, reports The Times. Education minister Sam Gyimah is fronting a new push by the “In” campaign – those who want us to stay in the European Union – to mobilise young people to lobby their older relatives to vote to stay in.


The Times, 4 March 2016

Why the “Easyjet” moniker? “This is the generation that takes for granted the fact that on a weekend they can weigh up a flight going to Manchester or Madrid,” Gyimah said. “Through Facebook they communicate with three times the population of Europe. Boundaries mean something different to them. They can watch a movie on their phone and when they travel to Spain, Italy, Portugal or wherever, they can take their world with them.”

Gyimah has really nailed the smartphone there.

Granted, there’s polling data to it: latest YouGov stats indicate that older people are more likely to be Eurosceptic and younger people are more likely to be pro-EU. 75 per cent of under 25s said they vote to stay in while 70 per cent of those over 65 wish to leave.

He’s on the phone to Mum

“We want to get people to ring their parents and grandparents and say, ‘I’m going to vote to stay in and I think you should too’,” said a spokesperson from the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign.

“The way for this campaign to really come alive is to have grandparents talking to their children and grandchildren about the future of this country,” Gyimah continued.

He also explained that some young adults are pro-EU because their parents have holiday homes in Europe. Leaving the EU would make group hols a bit of a pain.

David Cameron loves his Mum

“The referendum matters for this generation in particular because they have got more of their life ahead of them,” Gyimah said. “So the consequences of our choice here in terms of jobs and economic opportunity are absolutely real for them.”

Note: we are welcome to ring other reactionary relatives too. I envy anyone whose mother will listen to a damn thing they say.