And now the health experts are saying drinking six coffees a day is good for you

One day it gives you cancer, the next day it cures it

Scientists can’t make their mind up on coffee. One day it gives you cancer. The next day it cures it. Meanwhile, you continue to drink it blithely.

Latest update: drinking six coffees a day hugely cuts the risk of multiple sclerosis. A large study of 7,000 people in Sweden and the US found that 900ml (that’s about half a dozen normal cups) is the optimum daily amount.

Experts admitted they’re not actually sure why coffee cuts the risk of MS, probably because they’re about to decide something different. But it likely has something to do with the caffeine content, and they do know that it protects the nervous system and reduces inflammation.

Five coffees this morning is about all we could handle

The downside? Too much coffee gives you jitters, causes heart palpitations and raises blood pressure. Till tomorrow, when it’ll likely soothe you and stabilise your blood pressure. Or something.