Someone just got an interview at a top law firm by sending a manager two packs of Haribo

Starmix and Tangfastic to be specific

Your CV must “stand out”. And when everyone applying for the role has the same handful of A Levels and degree from a Russell Group university, this is difficult. It is why people pull stunts like stand in central London giving out their CV.

Sweeten the deal: a lawyer managed to get an interview at magic circle firm Slaughter and May because they sent their head of marketing two packs of Haribo alongside his CV.

The unnamed applicant attached one small pack of Starmix and one small pack of Tangfastic as a small bribe for head of marketing Mary-Anne Anderson.

Anderson shared a picture of the application and Haribo on LinkedIn and it wormed its way into the zeitgeist.”This is how to send your CV in and get it noticed. High fives to knowing who the gatekeepers are and getting this onto my desk. And now for the interview…”

The anonymous lawyer also delivered advice on which Haribo to try first, insisting that Tangfastic should be eaten before the Starmix  “otherwise the sourness of the former will not allow you to savour the real sweetness of the latter”.

Anderson conceded on Twitter that there currently aren’t any openings at Slaughter and May, but she is meeting the sender anyway to go through options. She added: “love the creativity”.