Netflix is going to pay people to run its Instagram account and travel the world

The salary is £1,440 a week

You spend evenings with one eye on Making a Murderer and the other on Instagram. Combine your passions: Netflix is hiring people to run its Insta account for two weeks over the spring, travelling through Europe on location and posting pictures.

Netflix is calling them”Grammasters”. You’ll get paid £1,440 a week to visit spots where Netflix shows are filmed, meeting the respective casts and taking photos.

DECAB64E-8EEE-4BFC-B9BC-115941D788A1Unfortunately, the photographers won’t be on the set of Community, or taking photos in the deserts of New Mexico. Instead, they’ll be working on their original European shows: Sense8, Marseille, The Crown and Subbara (anyone?). On the other hand: £1440 a week isn’t small change.

The company is hiring three people, who’ll start in April. For a chance to win, tag your three favourite photos with #grammasters3.