There’s going to be a Cruel Intentions reboot and Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning for it

Her best advice was ‘to sleep with as many people as possible’

Cruel Intentions was the ultimate late 90s movie: a sexy, smart, absurdly quotable melodrama with a soundtrack full of filthy bangers.

Now, Sarah Michelle Gellar has confirmed she is to reprise her role for a television pilot.  Her Kathryn Merteuil was the terrifyingly alluring vamp at the heart of it all, who described herself, with arch, dripping sarcasm, as the “Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side”.


The actress revealed the news in posts on Instagram and Twitter where she said: “Everybody loves me and I intend to keep it that way #kathrynmerteuil #CruelTV.”

NBC is planning a series which picks up 15 years after the film and follows Gellar’s character Kathryn Merteuil as a grown-up. Gellar shared an image of original producers Roger Kumble and Neal H Moritz, who are both returning for the NBC incarnation.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the new NBC show will center on Bash Casey (Taylor John Smith), the son of the late Sebastian Valmont (played by Ryan Phillippe in the film) and Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon’s character). After finding out about his dad’s promiscuous past through his hidden journal, Bash sets out on his own journey, fuelled on sex, money and power.

Meanwhile, Kathryn will continue her sneaky scheming as she tries to gain control of Valmont International, and her nephew. Witherspoon isn’t returning, but that’s OK because Gellar’s was the best character anyway.

Hopefully Kathryn 2.0 will deliver wisdom of the sort she offered in 1999. “My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.”