This guy tracked all of his Tinder swipes to analyse how to get a date

Asking a question about a match’s photo was the most successful tactic

This week in people getting really intense about their Tinder profiles: a man has analysed every single swipe he ever made, and everything he’s ever said in order to work out a sort of algorithm for finding a date. Eddy Azar describes himself as a “growth hacker”, and is in an “open relationship”.

“I lowered my standards to the point where I was sometimes swiping right on everything,” Eddy wrote on his blog. “Matches were still few, and now they were with people I’d never actually enjoy going out with. When I did manage to get a match, the chit chat wound up dead every single time. I tried talking philosophy, making clever jokes, asking about their life. Shit did not work. The problem isn’t me. It’s my game. So, to improve my attractiveness to women I created a spreadsheet.”

And make a spreadsheet he did. Eddy swiped right on 1,079 girls, 32 of which were “superlikes”. He found just seven per cent of people swiped right back to him – which is basically 74 matches in 1000 swipes. He said Superlikes made a match 125 per cent more likely.

This is Eddy’s profile

Eddy tried eight different ‘types’ of opening line.

  • Commenting on their photo
  • Asking them an “interesting question”
  • Making a joke about the girl’s name
  • Literally just putting their name and a smiley face
  • Commenting on their bio
  • Just saying “hey”.
  • Sending a gif
  • The girl messaging first

In this spreadsheet we’re not sure what he marks as the difference between “sexual” and “sex”, though I’m not sure we want to. Asking a question about a match’s photo was the most successful tactic; making a joke about their name worked least well.

From here it gets even weirder. Eddy’s advice is “once you get her off Tinder, you win”. His logic is that someone who is willing to give out their contact details is willing to go on a date. Apparently post-match, you have 16 per cent chance of getting their number. He said:

“I’ve gotten the contact info of 10 girls. These have been phone numbers, Instagram names, telegrams. Nine of these girls have planned dates with me. Over the next twelve months or so, I am going to completely growth hack Tinder.”

Sounds terrifying.