Craig David’s Valentine’s playlist is a banger

He picked out his favourite ‘heartbreak’ tunes

Craig David knows what he’s doing with women. He met a girl on a Monday and was making love by the Wednesday – and every day thereafter. It gave an entire generation unrealistic expectations for what courtship is actually like. That’s Craig. That’s his legacy.

We don’t believe it, but apparently Craig David has had his heart broken, too. He picked a Valentine’s playlist for Dazed Magazine, full of his favourite ‘heartbreak’ songs. This is the list.

Usher – U got it Bad

Craig went straight in on this one. He told Dazed:

“This tune is the one. In fact, this entire album is next level. Usher kills it on every track but this record in particular is my favourite.”

Drake – Marvins Room

“I love this track because it stands out from all the others on this album. In general, this album makes you want to go out and enjoy yourself, but I love the way Drake slows it down with “Marvin’s Room”. It’s got a really old school R&B vibe to it, which I’m always going to like.”

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

“This is a classic and it’s Whitney Houston, so there’s not a lot more I have to say. Whitney’s vocal was the best of her generation and this track proves it. Even though it’s a heartbreak track it still manages to be empowering, which is what Whitney did so well.”

T2 – Heartbroken (Ft. Jodie)

“I couldn’t not put this on the list. It’s one of the best and most famous garage songs ever made. I play it in my TS5 sets a lot and it goes OFF every time!”

Mario Wines – I Don’t Wanna Know

“A proper R&B record. A heartbreaker but a wicked slow jam with a great verse from Diddy.”

Adele – Someone Like You

“This is probably the ultimate heartbreak song and it’s one of the best written songs from the last decade. There was a few heartbreakers from this album, but I’ve chose this one as it connected in such a big way with the public.”

Mario – Let Me Love You

“This is another one that gets a crazy reception at my TS5 shows. I remember playing this at a show I did in Oslo, Hackney last summer and the whole place went mad. It’s such a banger.”

Notorious B.I.G. – One more Chance (Remix)

“This is one of my favourite tunes of all time. I remember growing up with this record and playing it out when I first started DJing in Southampton. Brings me back to those days!”

R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

“This is one of the best R&B tunes ever made. It’s a timeless heartbreaker.”

Craig David – Walking Away

“I just had to. It brings back some great memories of those Born To Do It days and is genuinely a song I’m really proud of.”